Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hitting the Mark- Make It Rich Lip Crayon

My post today is about some new products that Mark has come out with that are amazing.

In case you don't know, Mark is a division of Avon, and they have really great cosmetics, skin care, clothing, accessories, etc.

One of their newer products that I really like is Mark's Make It Rich Lip Color Crayon .  ($11 each)

These lip crayons are creamy, beautiful and they last for a long time. They can definietly be used on their own. I usually put a lipgloss on top to add more shine.

Me with the Make It Rich Naturally Lip Crayon:

Make it Rich- Naturally Color

This is a nude color, but it does have a bit of shimmer.


Make it Rich- Punch Color

This color is a light pink. I like to put it on when my eye makeup is heavy and I want a light lip color to balance it out.  I also like to add lip gloss on top of this color to make it pop a bit more. 

Make it Rich Punch Lip Crayon with Mark's Juice Gem Raspberry Gloss on top:

My Complete Look:

This look was done with Mark's new Wet/ Dry Eyeshadows
I used them dry and the colors are Ice Age, Biscotti, Empress and Tiki
Mark's Touch and Glow on my face, which is my favorite Mark product at the moment. 
The Eyeliner is Mark's No Place to Run Eyeliner in Jet Set and the lips are Naturally Lip Crayon.

You can find all of these products in my Mark E-boutique:

You can get FREE Shipping on your first order with code: WELCOME (US only!)


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