Friday, December 21, 2012

Makeup Organization with Mrs Claus' Help

I got an early Christmas present today from my favorite Mrs Claus, my mom.

She knew how much I wanted a makeup case to organize all of my makeup, so she purchased the one I had been eyeing, which was Pandora's Beauty Box from ($39.95)

I had my makeup in a couple of different makeup bags. I was completely disorganized and never knew where my favorite gloss was or where my face powder had gone off too.

When the case came in the mail, I knew I had to get my makeup out and start putting it neatly in the case.

These are the pictures of JustFab's Pandora's Box before I started filling it up with all of my colorful goodies:

This is after I put all of my ELF, Mark., Bare Minerals,  etc makeup products in my case.

I love my new Christmas present.

Now I just need to figure out a way to organize all of my nail polishes. Hmmmm.....

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