Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things: December Edition

I'm sorry I haven't been here in awhile. I actually was on vacation. Nothing better than a Caribbean vacation to give some color to my face and get me rejuvenated.

Although I ended up with a cold a couple of days after returning. (>_<)

Well, the pictures of the vacation cheered me up while I was feeling crumby.

Yup, that's me in St Lucia after I climbed Gros Piton, which took over two hours to climb. I was super excited until I realized I had to take the same journey back down, which was a bit scary at times.

I'm in such a great mood that I want to write about 3 of my favorite things this past couple of months. They are in no specific order .

For hair care, my new favorite line of products is Ouidad. I have wavy, curly hair and sometimes it becomes a very frizzy and unruly mess.

I have been using Ouidad's Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel for awhile now and it gets my hair more under control. However, I only noticed greater dramatic changes recently after I purchased the Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner during Cyber Monday. It was 25 percent off with free shipping, so how could I say no.

After only a couple of washes, my hair already looks so much shinier and the Frizz....What Frizz? I asked my boyfriend what he thought about my hair (I didn't tell him I had changed shampoos) and he said that he had noticed that my hair looked nicer. My mother and other relatives have also complemented me on my hair recently.

Another big improvement was the fall out of my hair. Before using the Ouidad shampoo, I would finish taking a shower and when I combed my hair, a bunch of my hair would come off on the comb and my fingers. Now only very few strands fall out.

I'm super pleased with these products and when I get the chance, I'll be wanting to try out more products by them.

You can find Ouidad products at Ulta, Sephora website and select Sephora stores, and at Ouidad's website. 

Another line of products that made it to my favorites list recently is AHAVA. This is another product I purchased during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales. They were having an amazing 40 percent off sale with free shipping.

I purchased their Bath Salts (Euclaptus),gentle eye cream and mud mask.

I've used FAB and Benefits eye cream, but I think this one tops both of them. Although the cream feels very light, it does a great job in hydrating the skin under your eyes.

The mud mask is amazing. You only need to have it on for 2 minutes. It makes me skin feel very clean without any irritation.

The bath salts I used once and it did relax me. I told my mom to use it one day when her muscles were hurting. I asked her for her opinion and she told me that she did feel much better afterwards.

After using these products, now I definitely want to try their cleanser, moisturizers, etc. I'm hoping that they have another great deal coming up so that I can snatch more products.

You can find Ahava on their website and at Ulta

My third favorite thing this week is  bags. More specifically, it's two bags I recently purchased.

The first bag is from and it is called the Law Bag. Here is a picture from their website:

This tote is big, beautiful, sturdy and just plain fabulous! You can put in your books, tablet, last night's leftovers, a change of get the point. It's also really good quality for the price. I use it for work, but it is also great for school and for traveling.

You can find this tote at Just Fab's website. New members now get 2 items for $39.95.

Shameless plug Invite to Site : You can register for the site here:

Warning- Justfab is a monthly subscription Service, such as Julep, Little Black Box, or any shoe of the month type of monthly service. You can purchase an item every month for $39.95. However, if you do not want them to charge you $39.95 for a certain month or you just don't want to purchase anything for that month, you MUST SKIP before the 5th of that month. If you do not skip, you will be charged, but you can use that credit whenever you find something you would like to purchase. 

The other bag I'm currently in love with is by Mark. and it's called the Cross Over Bag.
 You can find this cross body bag at my E-boutique: and here is the picture from the website:

 However, this bag is so much more beautiful and detailed in real life. 

It's a gorgeous navy color. I love to use it on casual days with jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. However, it's detailed enough that I can wear it with a cute red dress as well, like Alicia from Help Licia Blog did here :

This bag is $34 and if you purchase it through my Eboutique :
you can use the Promo Code WELCOME at checkout for free shipping for first time customers.

What do you guys think about my top favorites this month? Have you used any of these products or have been wanting to use any of them?

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