Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Black Bag- First Box (April)

Today I want to write about a subscription box service called Little Black Bag. It's a bit pricier than other subscription services, but just like Julep Maven, you can skip months.

Little Black Bag uses a similar concept to the "Lucky Bag Sale" in Japan, which is when retailers sell mystery bags and customers will then trade the items in their bags with the items that their friends have in their mystery bags.

On the Little Black Bag website, after you take their style quiz, you are shown a gallery of items. Then you choose one item that you really want. Once you have picked an item, you get two mystery items. If you purchase the bag, they will then show you your two mystery items and the trading begins.

FYI, although they don't show you the mystery items before you purchase the bag, you do get a small description, which you can use to go back to the gallery and figure out what it is before you purchase it.

On to the trading, which is the fun, but sometimes aggravating part. You have to trade your items with other people who have open bags. The site allows you up to 7 days to trade. There is a counter that tells you have much time you have left. There is also a news feed that shows what everyone is trading. You can put in offers, accept offers and pass on offers. This is very addictive, especially when you are trying your hardest to get the items that you love.

Some people are great at trading and I wish I had their talent. They are able to make their 3 items into 4, 5 or more items. (You can accept a trade of 2 or more smaller items for something you have of a great value)

Here is a picture of the items I received with my first Little Black Bag in April:

Originally I had chosen the coral SAYAMI scarf and I received two mystery items, which was a penguin i-phone case and a Gorjano horseshoe necklace. I didn't let go of my scarf because I loved the color and wanted it badly. However, I traded my other 2 items. By the fifth day, I had a royal blue Danielle Nicole mini jelly bag and beautiful Jardin Moroccan earrings.
Two days after I received my items, I was out at a birthday party with all three items already. The scarf gives a great pop of color, the mini jelly is a great alternative to the huge totes I usually carry around and the earrings are huge, and gorgeous.

My first Little Black Bag was a success.

This subscription service is something I can't afford every month, but it definitely is a fun way to get a couple of designers items in your closet without paying designer prices. For those of you out there who are more into makeup, they also have great makeup products for trading.

If you want to check out Little Black Bag, here is the link:

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