Monday, April 23, 2012

Color & Sparkles: What Girl Can Say No?- Julep Maven Novice

What can be colorful, shiny, long, short, down right nasty or eye catching gorgeous? Your nails!

Today I wanted to share with you some information about a subscription box service for nail polishes and other mani/ pedi related products. It's called Julep Maven and you can take a look at the website here:

Basically, this is a monthly subscription of about $20 and every month you will get a box with nail polishes.

To start out, you have to take their style quiz, which will label you as a certain style and this will correspond to specific colors. You can, of course, check out their other styles and change your colors. For example, I was considered an "American Beauty" style, but I liked the "Bombshell" colors best, so that's the one I chose.

The following months, you can always change the "style label" depending on the colors that you like for that month, or you can skip the month all together if nothing interests you. You can also cancel at any time.

I just received my box for my first month.

Instead of paying 20 bucks, I paid a penny for my first box. Yup, a total of $0.01 is what I paid. If you want to do this, just go to the website (, take the quiz and put in the code COLORS4ONE during checkout. This is good for only the first month though. However, you can always cancel after that.

As I wrote earlier, my box was the "bombshell box". It included a nail file, a hand scrub (Julep facial for hands), and 2 gorgeous colors.

One was an orange called NATASHA and the other is a sparkly gold called OSCAR.

Natasha is a great summer color. It's very bright and gives you a pop of color even if you are wearing boring, dark work clothes, like I usually am. It's definitely a fun color that I plan to use a lot during the sunny, summer months. The polish also went on smoothly and without dripping every which way, which is usually a problem with me because of my small nail beds.

Oscar is great for accent nails, as I have done in the picture below, or you can put a coat on top of a bright nail color and it will add a bit of shimmer to your manicure.

Please try to look past my small, chubby, old lady hands and see the cute colors. (^_^)

Other then the nail polishes, I also tried their hand scrub and loved it. My hands are usually super dry, so it was nice to get a hand scrub in the package that was able to soften my hands. It was a nice extra with the box.

I think I did pretty well for 1 cent.

I might continue this for a couple more months.

I'll see how it progresses.

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