Friday, August 30, 2013

Good As Gold

I haven't been around much because of a career change that I have been transitioning too. Now that I'm starting to settle into my new position, hopefully I will have more time to post more often.

Since I'm feeling Golden today, it will be today's nail theme for the blog.

The first polishes come from Avon. Although Avon polishes are relatively inexpensive compared to all of the big name polishes, I find them easy to apply and quick to dry. This was true for the polishes  in the Brushed Metals collection. I also really liked their finished look. The ring finger is  Brushed Gold and the other fingers are painted in Burnished Copper.:

My second golden look:

This next one is a picture with gold nails mixed in with with a deep, espresso brown nails and it comes from JULEP.

This brown is so dark that in certain light, it seems almost black. However, I love this dark chocolate color especially for the quickly approaching  fall and winter. It also compliments the rose gold color very well. I'm in love with all of these colors, both individually and together.
The brown is Julep's Fiore. 
The rose gold color is from Julep's Champagne Trio and it is called Reiko.
The glitter on the pointer finger is also from Julep's Champagne Trio and it is called Clio.

Are any of you having "golden moments" lately as well? Post your own golden nails and/or outfits under the comments.

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