Monday, January 7, 2013

January Julep: Neons & Nudes

This month's Julep box's theme was  Neons and Nudes. I wasn't too sure if I was going to skip this month or not because I'm not a fan of nudes and I already own a few neons. In the end, my love for bright colors took over and I ordered the American Beauty box with a Madison add on.

The American Beauty box came with Bethany, which is a bright orange- red creme.

This was my favorite color that I received this month from Julep. It went on smoothly, easily and it is so gorgeous.  I need to try it with a white base underneath in order to make it more neon.

The second color I received was Mindy, which is a super light pink color.

Although I usually don't like nudes, I really liked this color. I'm thinking of ways how I can incorporate this polish with bright colors, such as a bright tip. This is a color that I probably would never choose for myself, but I definietly I'm happy that I received it with my January box.

My add on was Madison, which is a hot pink. In certain lightening, it looks a bit orange, but it's definiely for fans of super bright pink polishes.

I can see myself wearing this a lot during the hot summer months.

What do you guys think about the new colors? Are you enjoying swatching all of the new neons and nudes?

Remember, if you want to begin the Julep Maven subscription box, you can do an introductory box for a penny. If you want to do this, just go to the website (Julep Link ), take the quiz and put in the code COLORS4ONE during checkout. This is good for only the first month though. However, you can always cancel after that.

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