Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ghoulish Glowing Green

I know I'm super late at posting my Halloween nails. I had actually done my nails a few days before Halloween, but before I was able to post them on my blog, Sandy hit and I lost power from Monday to Friday night. Luckily, I have power back and my family and I are fine.

So, back to my Halloween post. I decided to have glow in the dark nails this year and used Julep's Sofia. The only problem with Sofia is that it leans more towards being sheer, so I decided to use it as a topcoat to a more opaque color.

I decided to first use my favorite Julep green color- Leah.

This is a picture of Leah by itself:

Leah is bright, fun and pretty. I Love this color! Not only is it one of my favorite greens, it's also one of my favorite Julep colors.

This is with Sofia on top of Leah:

If I put my fingers under a lamp for a bit and then turn off the lights, it did glow in the dark.
I tried to take a picture, but none of them came out well, so I don't have any to show.

However, most importantly, it also looks great throughout the day, not only at night:


  1. that nail polish is awesome!!!! I'm still dying for neon polish too even though I'm convincing myself to go darker for winter

    xo Jackie

    1. I was going darker for winter and then the boyfriend started complaining. lol He hates dark colors and doesn't understand the concept of changing colors with seasons. I'm still loving the oxblood red and dark navy blues, but I guess I'll try not to wear as much black as I do. lol